Sunday, January 23, 2011

Will you be Mine?

I was just dying to make a refashioned Valentine's Day dress for my little girl so I went over to the local goodwill where I found myself a pretty awesome early 1990's slinky contempo dress that we both thought would work fabulously! Once I called it a "slinky dress" she was ALLLL over it! Once I got home and really started to think about how I wanted it to turn out I thought I would really like for it to have a big red bow on the front and since the slinky material wouldnt work for that I looked in my big box of scraps and luckily found a piece of fiery red material I thought would work perfectly. Sadly my little girl is sick this weekend and I just wouldnt feel right asking her to get up off the couch to try on my work of art and then model it for some cute pics so right now it is just hanging on a hanger waiting for someone to try it on. Soon Soon I am sure. Oh, I also made a Heart hair clippie (its clipped on the sleeve) for her to wear in her hair :)

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