Monday, November 14, 2011

BRRR! It's Cold outside!!

Man I know it is probably not nearly as cold outside as it is for some of you but here in sunny California it has taken a turn for the cold!! It was so warm out for so long and then it suddenly turned into fall. Which by the way I am not complaining! I LOVE the fall but realized very quickly when the weather changed that no one in my family had the right attire for the changing weather. So with my mind set I went out to purchase a couple of coats for my kiddos. I had in mind the perfect coat for each of my kids but once I got to the store and reality set in with what was available in my price range I began to feel as though I'd be spending way more money than I really wanted to for a coat that was really only so-so. Leaving the 1st store that I had stopped at I told myself "not to worry, you will find what you are looking for"  
 Joann's Fabrics just opened up next door to the store that I was recently at so of course I decided to take a "quick" stop in. I say "quick" in qoutations because I am sure you know just how "quick" I truly meant :) And I am so glad I made this little stop because lucky for me they just happened to be having a sale on their Simplicity Patterns. 5 for $5.00. Well that just made my day! The limit was 10 so of course I bought 10! For my son's coat I used pattern #2526 and for my daughter I used #2876.
 With my great deal on the patterns and with fleece on sale for only $4.99 a yd, I was able to make both their coats for about $25.00! Pretty awesome right?! And I have to admit that I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. Both coats were exaclty what I imagined when I set out that morning to purchase them. My favorite part on both of their coats is the lining that peeks out every now and then and of course the buttons! I simply love buttons, don't you?!  
Who knew I would've ended up just making their coats for them?  Really though now that I look back I am asking myself "why didnt I just think of that in the 1st place?" Oh...Now if I could only find time to make one for myself!

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  1. Such gorgeous winter coats! And what a bargain on those patterns!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Cuteness!! I love them!

  3. So cute! I love them so much better than the ones I see in the store!

  4. What a beautiful job on the coats! They look so chic!  Would you like to post  a photo link to your blog on my Sew & Tell Saturday linky party at my blog this Saturday? Its geared specifically for sewing projects !
    Justine @ Sew Country Chick

  5. Justine I am So there! Thanks so much for the invite. I just popped over and I LOVE your Collette Crepe!

  6. The coats are adorable! Much better (and lots less) than what's available at the shops.:)

  7. The coats are gorgeous! DD has been asking for one, and I'd like the pattern to be like that. Classic and adorable!

  8. Okay, so now I want to learn how to sew. :0 Thanks so much for linking your little darlings and their oh so sweet coats up to Motivated Monday at BeColorful