Sunday, January 18, 2015


Wow! Has it really been 3 years!! Well obviously I took some time off for many reasons I will not bore you with but I am back. I am super excited for this years Project Run and Play! The format they are doing this year is so exciting. Feel free to read about it here

The first challenge up is this fabulous Bubble Dress done by Alida Makes! You can check out her post here with the FREE Tutorial Don't you simply love that sailboat print?! It makes me dream of the ocean.

As for my take on the pattern, I wasn't feeling a dress right now I think because I've been SO cold lately with the low temperatures outside (and not to mention my husband wants to keep our house at FREEZING levels at all times) so I knew I at least wanted something to cover my little ones legs. I started out not really knowing what I was going for but already had this really nice flouncy, stretchy knit fabric I was dying to use up. So I decided to just jump in and see what I ended up with!
After about an hour of sewing- the Bubble Romper was born ;)

First off-check out this fabric! Isnt it super cool? It has a very slight ruffle, is super light and ever so stretchy, what more could you ask for?

While creating this piece, right about halfway through I took it to have my girly try it on and as soon as she saw it she shouted "Oh my goodness my own jumpsuit!" Is that not hilarious? I am not sure if these kind of outfits are cool among this age category but I was sure relieved when I saw her reaction.

Thankfully she loves it and hasn't wanted to take it off! Needless to say I did not have to twist her arm or bribe her to get photos of her wearing it ;)

I think my favorite part of the outfit is the back! She helped me decide on the halter straps. We were going to go with kriss-kross straps but I was reminded to much of a clown suit. I don't know maybe it was just me but I'm pleased with the end result.

Thanks Alida for the awesome tutorial and inspiration! I know one little girl that is very happy!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My 2nd Project Run and Play entry


This is the 3rd week of Project Run and Play and the theme they are going with this week is Era's. Being a dancer my whole life, I was and am always inspired by movies such as "Newsies" and "Swing Kids". I choose the time period of the 1920's and used this photo from "Newsies" as my inspiration:
Since I was out of town all of last week and I was not able to participate in the Boy's Challenge; I decided to make this weeks challenge outfit for my little man. I really did not think my daughter would mind but let me tell you once she saw his outfit she was begging me to make her one lol! She kept saying "Mommy! Please make me a Lost Boys outfit!" I guess that is what she thinks it looks like :)
Luckily my little man loved it just as much as she did! He was so proud wearing his Newsboy outift, he kept walking around saying "I like daddy's shirt!"
I did not decide on what I wanted to do until just last night. I was up in there air all week and I just decided to go with Newsies at the last second and boy am I glad I did. I could not be happier. Although, since I was not working with a pattern and designed the entire outfit myself I did meet some challenges that I wish I wouldve thought through in the beginning. Like for instance, I did not decide on the vest button until the seams were all sewed up neatly- oh how I love seam rippers. Another last minute change was the suspenders- once again my handy seam ripper helped me rip those pants seams out to put in the adorable suspenders :)
It has been super cold here and so I decided to dress up my little newsboy and head to our local library. Well actually I planned on going there anyway because I had an outrageous fine since we were out of town last week lol. The library ended up being a fine place for photos- nice a warm, very few people and a friendly staff that just ooohed and awwwed over my little guy

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Project Run and Play Remix Challenge

Oh boy am I excited for this season of Project Run and Play!!
I couldn't wait to get started on the first theme: A Pattern Remix. I was super happy when I saw we were getting to work on the JuneBug Dress by Jess from Craftiness is Not Optional. I love all of her fun tutorials and really enjoyed this one!
My end result of this remix was not at ALL what I had envisioned but I love it none the less! My little girl has been pretty sick for the past week so when she was feeling good today and the weather was absolutely beautiful I decided to take advantage of that and get that little "JuneBug Dress" on her and take some photos.

Here is my version of the JuneBug Dress!

 And one shot of my little man because he is just so yummy!
This season of Project Run and Play is bound to be a fabulous one! So head on over to their site and get inspired!!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

BRRR! It's Cold outside!!

Man I know it is probably not nearly as cold outside as it is for some of you but here in sunny California it has taken a turn for the cold!! It was so warm out for so long and then it suddenly turned into fall. Which by the way I am not complaining! I LOVE the fall but realized very quickly when the weather changed that no one in my family had the right attire for the changing weather. So with my mind set I went out to purchase a couple of coats for my kiddos. I had in mind the perfect coat for each of my kids but once I got to the store and reality set in with what was available in my price range I began to feel as though I'd be spending way more money than I really wanted to for a coat that was really only so-so. Leaving the 1st store that I had stopped at I told myself "not to worry, you will find what you are looking for"  
 Joann's Fabrics just opened up next door to the store that I was recently at so of course I decided to take a "quick" stop in. I say "quick" in qoutations because I am sure you know just how "quick" I truly meant :) And I am so glad I made this little stop because lucky for me they just happened to be having a sale on their Simplicity Patterns. 5 for $5.00. Well that just made my day! The limit was 10 so of course I bought 10! For my son's coat I used pattern #2526 and for my daughter I used #2876.
 With my great deal on the patterns and with fleece on sale for only $4.99 a yd, I was able to make both their coats for about $25.00! Pretty awesome right?! And I have to admit that I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. Both coats were exaclty what I imagined when I set out that morning to purchase them. My favorite part on both of their coats is the lining that peeks out every now and then and of course the buttons! I simply love buttons, don't you?!  
Who knew I would've ended up just making their coats for them?  Really though now that I look back I am asking myself "why didnt I just think of that in the 1st place?" Oh...Now if I could only find time to make one for myself!

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Need a Little Christmas List Help?!

With the holidays just around the corner I am already gearing up for needing all the help I can get with my Christmas Shopping list! And what really could be more helpful than a couple of Santa's very own little helpers? Right?! So it occured to me to create a couple of elf costumes for my little ones. And what fun they have been! I have already put these costumes into action lol! Really though just this morning while my daughter was galavanting around the house in her costume I called out "I need a few elves in the playroom to help me pick up the toy box toys!" And boy was I shocked to see both her and my little man come running eager to help clean up their toys just like Santa's elves would do!! And they were excited to do it! Cleaning away while my daughter sang some song she made up about santa and his eleves (Oh to be 4 again!)
SO...if you are desperate for some extra help around the holidays try out an elf costume, hey who knows it might work!

But watch out-you may get one of those spunky sassy elves like Ive got :)

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back in the Saddle again!

I titled this post Back in the saddle again because it feels like its been ages since I last sat at my sewing machine sewing something fun for my little girl! Not that I havent been sewing-oh no Ive been doing tons of that! Keeping up with the many Halloween Costume orders that I have received has got me quite exhausted. But just the other day I got an itch to create something different, an itch that just wouldnt go away :) You see my little girl just tried out for and got accepted to a little Jazz Dance Performing Group called the "Sparklers!" (now isnt that adorable) Well anyway, she desperately wanted a "jazz dance outfit" and because she did so well and made the team I really wanted to surprise her with the "jazz dance outfit" of her dreams. So away we went to the local dance supply store with big smiles on our faces, only to be crushed by the fact that they had no such outfit for my extra small little girl. Wait, Scratch that! We did find one pair of size 6 jazz pants (my daughter still fits 3t mind you) that the employee really tried to sale me. These pants were 2 inches to big for her  and were $30! There was no way I was buying a $30 pair of pants especially if they didnt fit! So I told my little one not to worry- I would get her a "Jazz Dance Outfit"!!
Remembering one of Katy's swim suit tutorials from No Big Dill that I really wanted to use this summer but ran out of time to actually do and started thinking that it would work perfectly for the job! Using her fabulous tutorial as a guideline I created my girl a fancy hotpink leotard and then on my own a basic black jazz pant/yoga pant with a fold over waist band (which I will be carrying in my shop soon)
Oh and nevermind the undies in the shots :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

School Time

Its that time of year again! That's right- Back to School! And you might have noticed my absence from the blog world (then again maybe not lol) but in case you were wondering where I was I just thought I'd give a little update. For the past month and a half or so I have been preparing my house and my schedule for the upcoming school year to Homeschool my children. I have spent much time preparing and getting curriculum ready. We finally started our schooling this past week and I am SO happy to report that it is going well and everyday my kids beg for more :) What could be better!
Hopefully I will get into the swing of things soon and can start posting some projects! Until then- keep crafting!