Thursday, January 19, 2012

My 2nd Project Run and Play entry


This is the 3rd week of Project Run and Play and the theme they are going with this week is Era's. Being a dancer my whole life, I was and am always inspired by movies such as "Newsies" and "Swing Kids". I choose the time period of the 1920's and used this photo from "Newsies" as my inspiration:
Since I was out of town all of last week and I was not able to participate in the Boy's Challenge; I decided to make this weeks challenge outfit for my little man. I really did not think my daughter would mind but let me tell you once she saw his outfit she was begging me to make her one lol! She kept saying "Mommy! Please make me a Lost Boys outfit!" I guess that is what she thinks it looks like :)
Luckily my little man loved it just as much as she did! He was so proud wearing his Newsboy outift, he kept walking around saying "I like daddy's shirt!"
I did not decide on what I wanted to do until just last night. I was up in there air all week and I just decided to go with Newsies at the last second and boy am I glad I did. I could not be happier. Although, since I was not working with a pattern and designed the entire outfit myself I did meet some challenges that I wish I wouldve thought through in the beginning. Like for instance, I did not decide on the vest button until the seams were all sewed up neatly- oh how I love seam rippers. Another last minute change was the suspenders- once again my handy seam ripper helped me rip those pants seams out to put in the adorable suspenders :)
It has been super cold here and so I decided to dress up my little newsboy and head to our local library. Well actually I planned on going there anyway because I had an outrageous fine since we were out of town last week lol. The library ended up being a fine place for photos- nice a warm, very few people and a friendly staff that just ooohed and awwwed over my little guy


  1. What a cute! I'm singing Newsies to myself now =)

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  2. Thanks so much! Just linked up!